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The Stronger Schools Project uses a needs-based approach and module-based experiences to create a positive culture and enhance the learning environment at public schools. The Project works closely with school leaders, currently at 5 schools in Bangalore, implementing multiple interventions to assist the schools in their transformational journey.

We launched the Stronger Schools Program with a host of CSO’s at the community centre "Swabhimaan" in August 2019. This centre serves the neighborhood schools and community of Koramangala,
Bangalore and is supported by multiple NGOs including Teach for India, Canasu Dream Foundation , Solve Education!, Kids who Kode, and Enabling Leadership.



With an ever-increasing amount of scary, confusing and unpleasant news that kids are exposed to, there is a need to counter it with hope, positivity and joy. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically reduced our ability to listen to children. This project aims to involve the voice of children during this difficult time and mould them into responsible community leaders. The Happy Newsletter Project is a periodic online resource aimed at building empathy, resilience and hope in children and youth around the world.


The Happy Newsletter Project is a periodic online resource aimed at building empathy, resilience and hope in children and youth around the world.The project is an initiative of the bangalore hub in collaboration with Jaipur and New Delhi hub.


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Shaping The Future of Work is an initiative of the Global Shapers Community to help prepare global communities for a changing work environment. Spanning six continents, the initiative seeks to understand the perspectives and needs of young people about the future of work to foster discussions and help identify regional and global roadmaps for how FOW will evolve. This is done through a survey, an action plan, community-building events, and in-depth training sessions for volunteers. Global Shapers Bangalore Hub is a founding member of this project.


It drives the report in the South Asia region and fosters discussions through webinars and panel discussions. Visit for more information.




The ongoing pandemic has impacted lives and economies around the world. The education sector is no different - having been one of the most severely impacted. While schools in India continue to be closed for almost three months now, the impact on education is severe. With no opening in sight and a strong resistance by the parent body and health experts to not open schools until a vaccine is found, schools have no choice but to start online classes and continue education for their students.


To bridge the gap and ensure continuation of education for the students, Global Shapers Bangalore raised funds for 34 students of grade 7 and 10 of Raintree School. Through this intervention we aim to reimagine the “Learn from home” concept by making it holistic and interactive. We will be designing the programme with support of prominent NGOs of the city. Lenovo India has partnered with us on this initiative to provide the tablets at cost price and will upload the tablets with carefully curated student friendly applications useful for online classes.

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