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The Global Shapers Community is fundamentally built on the belief system that young people are central to problem-solving, long term policy-making and working toward impactful change.

Born out of the World Economic Forum, the community has over 425 hubs in 171 countries across the world working locally on addressing issues pertaining to:

  1. Climate and Environment

  2. Equity and Inclusion

  3. Education and Employment

In each city, the shapers self organise to identify and work towards addressing the issues of their community. Shapers come from different expertise, education, backgrounds, etc but are unified by their desire to bring change.

To get involved, attend future events or support our verticals/projects, please write to us at


Global Shapers Bangalore hub has been active since 2012 and has since worked on numerous projects pertaining to Future of Work, Environment, Education, Sustainable Fashion, Mental Health, etc.

Bangalore hub is a close-knit community with a shared sense of purpose. By engaging regularly on its own projects as well as collaborations with other like-minded organisations the hub is committed to achieving various Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) set by the United Nations.




The Global Shapers Community, Bangalore is a group of young Bangaloreans from all walks of life, drawn together by our demonstrated commitment to improving the community in which we live. We meet regularly in a close, supportive and trusting environment to:

1. leverage each other’s expertise and networks to amplify our own social impact

2. drive projects to realize our vision of a Bangalore that is proud, engaged and inclusive

3. collaborate with other Global Shapers around the world on interesting projects,

and Have fun! :)

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